Trying Water Beads

I first came across water beads in a viral facebook video. It involved a fully grown man frolicking in a bathroom full of these yummy looking gummy beads & making an utter mess. It looked like absolute madness. The majority of the comments involved people tagging their friends & saying something to the tune of, “Look, the kids would love these !” The response to nearly each of these tags was something along the lines of, “HELL NO”, and, “Who’s gonna clean all that up!?” Naturally, I knew I had to try it.

I turned to ever-trusty Amazon for my water beads & was surprised at how small the package was. “Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t fill the whole tub”, I warned my oldest kiddo. SPOILER: It did. You can purchase this exact package HERE.

The directions on the packaging say to let the beads soak for 6-10 hours, but let’s be honest, NO ONE in this house has that kind of patience. Besides, after just 15 minutes, the beads had already doubled in size. We left the house for dinner & decided we’d check on our little experiment upon our return.

_DSC1353Baby approved: 20 minutes in, they developed a faceted, jewel-like texture

The moment we got home, my oldest sprinted to the bathroom to see our “magic beans” & was literally hopping with excitement by the time I’d made my way to that end of the house. I thought he might have been tentative about touching them, but there he was, already pulling his shirt off & calling his brother into the bath.

_DSC1378He was SO PUMPED, you guys


These beads were worth every penny of the $7.49 price tag & the tiny package was MORE than enough for an over the top memorable & fun sensory experience. The tub was nearly filled & the beads had more than quadrupled in size. Below is a size comparison; before & after a water soaking.

_DSC1474Custom gold name bracelet from Mya Bay

They’re supposed to be reusable, which sounds great because my kiddos are already asking to do it again & it hasn’t even been 24 hours. However, unless they shrink back to the size they were before, I’m not sure how I’m going to store these things. For now, they live in the boys’ bathtub.


This was a great little experiment & a fun way to break the monotony of our evening routine. Seeing the wonder in their eyes was such a joy & they both had a ton of fun. Best of all – and contrary to what I had anticipated – there was no giant mess. Mom win !