Easy DIY Easter/Spring Treats

I used to be a total “Pinterest Mom”, perfect & meticulous. Ahh yes, the days before my little one could get into everything & stop me from doing anything. Now that I’m scrapped for time & dealing with a maniacal infant & a toddler with the attention span of a goldfish, I need to choose my projects based on how long they take to complete & how easy it is for little hands to contribute. At an approximate total of 10 minutes & super toddler friendly, this DIY Easter/Spring project fit the bill perfectly !


I’m gonna go right ahead & ask for a pardon on the garbage photography, but I was alone & trying to craft, supervise, be in the moment & focus my camera all at the same time. Although the project itself went by very quickly – thank goodness – my little one (2.5 years old) was excited for it for the better part of the day, since we had gone to the supermarket earlier & picked out the ingredients (all 3 of em !) He was especially excited to choose the color of the candy melts himself 🙂

The recipe is super simple & basically calls for laying M&Ms on top of pretzels in a flower formation, all held together with a gooey candy melt. It was nice to have my little one involved & I could see the pride in his face over his “cooking”. Check out the details below !

Easter/Spring Pretzel Bites

  • Butter snap pretzels (the square “grid” kind)
  • Pastel M&Ms
  • Candy melts


  • Preheat oven to 225 degrees. If you’re Puerto Rican like me, don’t forget to remove all your pots & pans from in there first 😉
  • Line a baking sheet with wax paper. If you’re fancy, parchment paper, dahhling.
  • Line up your pretzels & add one candy melt to the center of each
  • Warm in the oven for about 3 minutes
  • Quickly begin your M&M masterpiece. I went for a classic floral design. My little one went with… well, you can see below & decide for yourself
_DSC5628Hey, art is subjective, right ?


  • Don’t leave them in the oven longer than 3 minutes. You don’t want the candy melt to literally melt; just need it “tacky” enough to hold your M&Ms in place.
  • Work quickly. By the time we got through half of ours (about 24), the candy melts on the other half were already too hard to hold the M&Ms. If you’re working with a kiddo who needs help, I’d recommend making no more than about 10 at a time. They harden fairly quickly, so it’s easier to just make another batch instead of wasting food.
  • Place your M&Ms “m” side down !
  • Chill them in the fridge for about 20 minutes so they harden even more & won’t crumble with the first bite.



I’d say it was a success ! And that little face would too 🙂
Happy Easter/Spring, everybody !