Simply Sexy Boudoir Session

As much as I love themed shoots, sometimes it really is best to keep it simple, especially with a natural beauty like this ! I am a firm believer in the idea that a woman is at her sexiest when she isn’t trying to be “sexy” & this session really drives the point home. Here’s a sneak peek of a laid back, yet gorgeous boudoir session from earlier this week. Hair & makeup by Elisha Seaton. Photographed at my studio inRead more

Toddler Princess Session

This shoot was just too much fun ! Being a total #BoyMom, I love when I get the opportunity to get into full on girly princess mode & this session was all of that & more ! Check out some of the highlights below. In addition to using the gowns here at the studio, this little princess owned a ton of Disney gowns & we had a blast trying them all on ! Although our time wearing each was onlyRead more

Forest Family Session

I had a ridiculously hard time trying to pick which photos from this session to post… this family was just so awesome. Today blessed us with the perfect weather for outdoor portraits, so we ventured out into the forest on my property for this sweet family session. The kiddos had a blast running around & exploring ! I wish it would stay like this all year round; North Carolina is so unpredictable ! As you can see from my previousRead more


Excited to announce that I’m adding a new additional to my arsenal…meet Vanguard 1, the aerial drone ! I can’t wait to use this guy in future shoots very soon 🙂 Have an idea for a shoot involving aerial photography ? Let’s connect ! Contact me at to book your session.Read more

Fashion Noir Inspired Boudoir

You never really know where a shoot is going to go until you start. You can plan all you want, but even with extensive preparation, it all comes down to the vibe of the shoot & personality of your subject. And on this day, I got really lucky. It’s not every day that you get a frickin supermodel in your studio ! Okay, so maybe she wasn’t really a supermodel – this was actually her first professional photo session everRead more

Easy Digger Cake + Surprise Cake Smash

I need to preface this post by saying that I committed the ultimate cake smash mistake – the cardinal sin of cake smashes – by using a chocolate cake. What’s the vendetta against chocolate cake ? Well, typically, when you see a kid of diaper wearing age surrounded by brown smears, your mind typically goes….elsewhere. You get where I’m going with this ? That being said, this was NOT to meant to be a cake smash. A few days ago,Read more

Football Boudoir

As a lifelong Giants fan, it pains me to do this. It really does. But I just love these photos ! My favorite kind of boudoir sessions include my subject’s personality & this subtlety sexy Eagles themed shoot was definitely one of those sessions ! Photographed at my studio in Cameron, North Carolina. Crunchy Glamour serves, Sanford, Southern Pines, Pinehurst, Fayetteville, Raleigh & all surrounding areas ! Yes, I travel !Read more