DIY Rolling Backdrop

For as much as I’m constantly trying to get done, I’m pretty lazy; not in habit, but in method. It can be my downfall, but sometimes, it works to my advantage. I’m reminded by a quote by Bill Gates:

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Oh, I’ll do the job. I just want to find the easiest way to do it.
Which brings me to a photography related project I recently completed: A makeshift duo sided rolling backdrop. Black & white seamless paper are the most common colors I find myself having to set up for photos & videos, so I wanted to find a way to quickly & easily have them at my fingertips, without having to mess with 9′ seamless paper rolls. I found plans for a furniture staging walls here & set out to make a similar version for myself.


My builder suggested that we use plywood instead of drywall & framing, which was a brilliant idea, because this thing is SO easily movable & drywall would have added at least 10lbs to it. At 8′ tall, this thing is a beast, but so versatile. I couldn’t wait to paint it.


Remember the part about me being “lazy” ? I was picking something up at Walmart & didn’t want to make another stop to get paint at Lowes, so Walmart brand would have to do. This was my first time using anything other than brand name/speciality paint, but I was pleasantly surprised. You don’t need the fancy stuff for this project, folks. Anything matte will do.


One coat of white/black on each side, & it’s finished ! The black side makes for a super fast additional look during photo shoots & the white side is an awesome GIANT reflector. I can also easily throw fabric backdrops up there & roll them all around the studio. It can even be used as a scrim for when I want to block the natural light that comes in when I open the garage door.  I seriously love this thing !

x-SM-broken-matt-hardy-Expensive professional backdrop ? Nope ! Trusty DIY roller 🙂

I know I’ll be getting a ton of use out of this project & will post an update in a few months. Stay tuned to my blog & website, for the results !

Author: Rebecca Hardy

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