WWE’s WOKEN Matt Hardy

Being a fan of pro wrestling is, in & of itself, one of those things that is difficult to explain to people whom themselves aren’t fans. Then there’s WOKEN Matt Hardy. To try to explain the “character” – or is it ? – to the average non-wrestling fan is like trying to explain bedtime to a toddler; it’s just not going to happen overnight. After all, the mysteries of sleep & awakening elude even the oldest & wisest 😉 Woken Matt Hardy must truly be seen to be understood – scratch that – believed. You may still not understand him when it’s all said & done, but you will surely have left the experience entertained !

x-SM-broken-matt-hardy-Broken/Woken Matt Hardy, by Rebecca Hardy | HardyShoots.com

I was lucky to be asked to submit an editorial for Power Wrestling Magazine of this WWE Superstar & am excited to share the results of our WOKEN session here with you.


A funny side note about this shoot: When I was looking for the German word for WOKEN, google translate told me it was geweckt. OK, great ! I inserted it into the double page layout spread & went on with editing. Something told me to double check the translation before I finished & I am REALLY glad I did, because upon switching from German back to English, it turns out that geweckt really means AROUSED !

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 4.35.51 PMAroused Matt Hardy ! What a spread ! LOLOLOLOLOL. Thanks, Google…

lolAlways double check your work, kids

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Photographed at my studio in Cameron, North Carolina.
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Author: Rebecca Hardy

A native New Yorker, Reby Sky took a deep interest in the arts from an early age. Classically trained in ballet & theatre, she began her career in dance, performing in off-broadway venues & competing in dance competitions throughout the United States. Reby has also been featured in numerous instructional dance videos, including "Bellydance Your Way to Cardio" & "Bellydance for Mothers & Daughters".  Also formally trained in classical piano under master-pianist Rosario Garriga, Reby has performed in concert halls throughout the East coast, and attended the LaGuardia School of Music & Art & the Performing Arts - The "FAME" school - as a major in music.  In addition to dance, theatre, & music, Reby added professional football player to her repertoire in 2008; She signed with the LFL (Lingerie Football League) for a brief period of time before resigning for personal reasons.  Working as a successful model, Reby Sky has appeared in numerous national & international publications including, but not limited to Esquire, STUFF Magazine, Supermodels Unlimited, & PLAYBOY. Also making the jump into live media, Reby has appeared on television shows such as SPIKE-TV's "Midnight Spike" as a guest host & on TLC-TV's "Date Patrol" as a guest dance instructor. She has been featured in dozens of print ads and in numerous television advertisements, as well as internationally aired music videos. In 2009, Reby was named Miss Howard TV of the Year by the Howard Stern Show. She is also known within the sports world as the "NY Giants Girl".    Also working in broadcast media, Reby performed as an on-air talent for Sirius/XM Radio on the pro-wrestling show, "Busted Open”. Previous radio experience includes work as a sports correspondent for Clear Channel radio station, 98 Rock in Tampa, FL. Reby was also the host of her own radio show, "Digital Photography on the Radio", on 1010am Sports Radio (CBS) in 2008. In the world of professional wrestling, Reby is best known for her work on TNA Impact Wrestling, where she performed as a wrestler & recurring character from 2014-2017. Sky previously worked as a backstage interviewer, color commentator & professional wrestler for Lucha Libre USA Masked Warriors on MTV2. Reby currently lives in Cameron, North Carolina with her husband & two beautiful boys & is the owner/operator of HardyShoots.com.

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