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I ordered stickers of my logo that came in a week earlier than expected & ended up inspiring a whirwind DIY project. They’re pretty awesome, if you ask me… A few weeks back, I had been asked by some of the people from my birth team to host a raffle at one of

I ordered stickers of my logo that came in a week earlier than expected & ended up inspiring a whirwind DIY project. They’re pretty awesome, if you ask me…

DSC_7527-SM2×2 stickers from StickerMule

A few weeks back, I had been asked by some of the people from my birth team to host a raffle at one of their upcoming events (an open house/holiday cookie exchange) for a free photo shoot & of course, I accepted. The original plan was to print out an 8×10 & some tickets and call it a day, but now…now I had these cute stickers that were just screaming to be used, so I devised a way to make my presentation a little more memorable.

DSC_7485But first, they had to get the boys’ approval (it passed)

Between my DIY wedding & countless other projects since then, I’ve got TONS of leftover crafting supplies stored away, so I crossed my fingers & entered the craft room in search of some marketing inspiration. I decided to use some brown kraft paper bags to make “gift bags” for each of the attendees of the event.


Inside, I placed picture frames with coupons for a future photo session, a flyer for my business & some holiday chocolate. Simple, yes, but who doesn’t love chocolate & saving money ?

“Picture yourself here!”
$20 coupons for a future photo session

Given that I already had the majority of the supplies on-hand, I spent a total of $22, not counting the cost of the ink used to print the coupons; only a bit more than the $20 minimum cost of a “boosted” facebook post. If you don’t use a facebook business page, a boosted post is pretty much what you have to purchase through facebook if you’re a newer business & want anyone to see your posts. Facebook prioritizes these posts on peoples’ timelines & the feature is basically paying for “advertising” (except not really, because your posts should be able to be seen by the audience of people who like your page regardless & facebook is essentially hiding your content if you don’t pay the extra money to “boost” it, but I digress…) Facebook will also allow you to choose a demographic if you don’t want to prioritize your post on the timelines of people who already follow you; IE., men/women, people in your state, etc.

DSC_7475Kraft bags, scrapbook paper for tags, letter stamps for branding, hole punch…

All in all, it was a good way to interact with fellow members of the natural birth community & to get my work seen by potential clients. They may have very well ended up ignoring my gift bag, but they probably would have ignored a boosted facebook post even quicker. And this was WAY prettier than facebook.




Author: Rebecca Hardy

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